Civil Litigation and Appeals

An aggressive, knowledgeable attorney is the difference between winning and losing litigation and appeals.

Wendot Law Group represents Businesses and Individuals in Nevada

Contract disputes, fraud victims, and those who feel their civil liberties and rights have been violated come to Wendot Law Group for aggressive representation.

Breach of Contract Attorneys

Many contracts today are executed entirely through emails, text messages and other electronic means. They are valid pursuant to the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. States have their own version of said act. But traditional written contracts are still the standard. Whether agreements are made electronically or on papers, they are often not honored.

For example, you acquired a company based financial reports provided by the seller. Sales end up significantly less than anticipated in your first quarter owning the company. The seller may have misrepresented the business’ value or fabricated financial. These are potential claims for relief. A company you do business with could also be in violation of their own terms and conditions, causing you financial loss. This is also grounds for potential litigation.

Wendot Law Group represents buyers, sellers and all other parties in breach of contract litigation. We handled complex corporate cases and small business disputes.

Fraud Litigation

We represent victims of business fraud – when a company or individual misrepresents the value of a business, fails to deliver promised goods or services, and/or fails to meet stipulated deadlines. Consumer fraud is also common. It’s when a service company, such as a landscaping business or subcontractor, collect upfront fees and fails to commence the promised work in a timely fashion. Casino fraud is when patrons are lured to Las Vegas by hotels and resorts with extravagant promises that are never met. Wendot Law Group also represents personal fraud victims. Criminals may claim to be a licensed plumber and lure unwitting homeowners into obtaining their services, only to make matters worse or not do the work at all.

Criminal and civil appeals

Not satisfied with the outcome of a trial in the lower courts or administrative entities? Wendot Law Group diligently exhaust all appellate remedies for your case, whether its a criminal case, immigration issue or administrative case such as an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) case.

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