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Wendot Law Group is a dedicated team of professionals that provides world-class legal services to our clients. We work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcomes in all cases. We specialize in immigration cases for Chinese nationals seeking worker and citizenship status in the United States. Our team also handles civil torts, criminal appeals, civil rights and personal injury cases.

Yao Wen – Attorney at Law

Yao “Kelvin” Wen (Nevada Bar #14299) is the managing attorney at Wendot Law Group. The young firebrand attorney arrived in the United States from Mainland China when he was 17. He brought with him a desire to disrupt the business world with innovative concepts that challenged industrial norms. He used his full scholarship to the University of California, Berkeley to earn a bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Relations.

Yao decided the best way to make a difference for people in his native China and make his mark in the international business world was law school. He attended the BYU Reuben Clark School of Law. Yao served as Co-Chair for the Asian Society of Law and as a law clerk for the 4th District Court of Utah. He graduated from BYU in 2015 and was admitted to the Nevada Bar the following year.

Yao takes unconventional approaches to cases that many attorneys view as routine. He thinks outside the box and utilize unorthodox technique to maximize potential in every case. He specializes in immigration and corporate law. But the firm is staffed with a solid team of legal researchers and writers to also handle criminal appeals, civil torts, civil rights and personal injury cases.

He’s represented entrepreneurs, scientists, actors and scientists seeking green cards and visas. Yao also represented and assisted corporation and small businesses for various transactions and endeavors.

Wisa Shi – Immigration Director

Wisa took over as Immigration Director at Wendot Law Group in July 2019. She is fluent in both Mandarin and English; and has a Master of Public Administration degree from BYU. Wisa is a meticulous researcher and personable advocate for each of our clients. Connect with Wisa on LinkedIn.

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